What are the Medicare Supplement Plans F and G?

What are the 2019 Medicare Supplement Plans F and G?

The Medicare supplement plan F and G are standard insurance plans that are used to provide facilities to cover the Medicare cost gap. The Medicare plan F is quite different from the plan G. Both the plan has different cost coverage area in their insurance terms and conditions. In this article, we clear you the details of Medicare supplement plans F and plan G. Let’s have a look at their description.

Medicare Supplement Plan F:

The plan F is considered the richest plan of Medicare supplement plans. The plan offers the coverage of several health care costs such as

  • The plan F covers the hospice and coinsurance payments included in part A and Medicare part A deductibles. Part B coinsurance, deductibles, and the part B excess charges also come under the plan F’s coverage area.
  • When you get the blood it will pay for the 1st three pints of used blood that you get for your treatment. The various nursing services and the healthcare insurance are also paid by the Medicare supplement plan.
  • This will also cover the services that you get outside the plan’s coverage area such as outside your home or city that are covered in the plan area.

medicare 2019 supplement plans

Medicare Supplement Plan G:

The plan G also offers all the facilities that are covered by the plan F. The only service that it does not cover is the deductibles of part B. The deductible amount of part B is included in your in pocket expenses because you have to pay these cost yourself. It will cover the excess charges of Medicare part B like the plan F.

The excess charges are the extra costs that are charged by the non-participant services provider. The amount of these charges is up to 15% over the approved Medicare costs and this is your responsibility to pay these extra charges when you are running the plan G.


As we know both the plans cover many services but when you want to get the benefits of these plan for paying the costs related to the prescription drug then they are not useful. For this facility, you have to get another Medigap plan for prescription drug coverage of your medications.

Although the plan F and plan G are still good and work with original Medicare plan enrolment. You can get similar benefits from these two plans but the plan F will help you to pay most of the costs related to original Medicare.

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