What is the Medicare Supplement Plan K?

As you know there are many plans offered by Medicare supplement insurance and they are named with English alphabets such as A, B, C, and many others. The plan K is one of these offered Medicare supplement plans. When you are searching for plan that will cover the basic original Medicare costs and have low cost then plan K is perfect for you.

Many older adults enroll in Medicare supplement plans for 2019 to help in paying the percentage of its various covered benefits. It does not cover the costs of co-insurance and hospital payments that are covered under the Medicare part A. This plan helps you to pay the higher out of pocket costs that come under the policy. This plan has another benefit that it has a lower premium cost than many other Medigap plans.

When you reamedicare supplement plan for 2019ch the end of your out of pocket limit the plan K will cover 100% of your Medicare costs for the remaining year. This plan is quite helpful when you are suffering from a chronic disease and require long-term Medical care. It is also helpful in the time of unexpected medical condition of emergency.

Coverage Area of the Plan:

The plan K helps you in partial coverage of original Medicare payments that are out of pocket. It will cover 50% of part A deductibles, hospice-care, co-payments, nursing facilities costs, co-insurance of part B, and the costs used for the first 3 pints of blood.

The part B excess charges are not included in the Medigap Plan K but it will cover up the costs of part A for the additional 1 year when the Medicare facilities are expired or reach at its time limit. As it does not help in covering the excess charges then you have to pay the extra costs charged by your hospital facilities or other healthcare departments from your pocket.


So this is the description of Medicare supplement plan K. You can adapt this plan when you want to cover your basic requirements of original Medicare costs. Due to low-cost premiums, you can easily manage your budget for your health care cost saving. It will help you in critical health situations even after the Medicare plan is exhausted. Suffering from a bad health condition and having on-going medical treatment can cause you financial loss but the plan K will help you to resolve this issue easily.


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