Research Medicare Coverage: The Do’s and Don’ts

What comes first when you turn 65 or the first time you get Medicare are the hours you will inevitably spend researching your complementary health insurance online. I admit that decoding advertising from the objective information can be difficult, as well as finding a knowledgeable, unbiased agent to discuss your concerns and issues. If I am in a position to give advice to a newly signed up Medicare participant, the following would be the tip I would recommend to them.

Let me go back to the beginning. Before you switch on your computer, take a moment to admit one thing to yourself: you need to spend time researching and learning if you want to get the winner out of this situation. This article will help you prepare for the most efficient and responsible way to buy Medicare supplementary insurance. There is no quick fix here. Okay, now that we’ve faced the music, let’s start. Enroll for a 2020 supplement plan at

Step one: Read, take notes and find out about Medicare. I talk to people who have never visited the website and rely on agents to give them objective, accurate information. That’s a big no, no! You should never rely on just one person, especially a person who works independently of Medicare. There is a section called “Publications” on the Medicare website, and this should be your first port of call … before you ever talk to an agent. The better informed you are, the easier it becomes to spot a good agent from a lousy one, to understand Original Medicare and what it covers, which will help you better assess what you need to supplement. The coverage of this base will eventually give you a sharper eye as you begin to scout for coverage.

Second step: After reading the website, take a moment to look at your health and financial situation. What do you need and how much do you want to spend each month? You may have to do a little financial planning – in fact, meeting with a financial planner about your concerns is a smart thing to do. The reason why I ask you to consider these two questions before you talk to an agent is simple: you need to know what you want / need before you sign up for something an agent sells.

Third step: Let’s say you’ve completed your planning and are ready to purchase a Medicare supplement or sign up for Medicare Advantage (Part C). The next information I give you is for research agencies.

Fourth step: All right, you are now informed and you know what you want, and you have done some research to find a good and competent agent who will assist you. In my professional opinion, you are ready to talk one-on-one with an agent. But wait, why is that necessary? Two things; most agents have a sound knowledge of what they’re talking about, and secondly, they can help you shop by looking at different policies in your area. That’s why it’s important to find the right agent.


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